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1:1 Coaching

One-to-one (1:1) Coaching is designed to help people create change in their lives. We coach to a number of matters that affect an individual and/or teams in their personal lives, business, teams in an organization. Contact us to learn more. You can schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if this is a good fit for you.

Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
1-on-1 Coaching

DISC Assessment 

Personal 30-page Report 

Debrief (1-on-1 meeting with me to interpret your results and to develop an action plan)

What is covered:

• Understand your communication style 

• Learn about how you are likely to respond in varied situations 

• Improve your interactions with others 

• Identify and amplify your value within your organization, business, or home

• Understand how others perceive you

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